There is HOPE beyond the dark places

A young woman journeys from self-harming to Hope with the help of a loving Father

About Us



Sarah, a young woman struggling with severe depression, has been caught in a nightmare of self harming, which she has used as a coping mechanism. 

When we first meet Sarah she is lost in a forest of confusion and despair, has a profound sense of worthlessness and is desperate to gain control of her life.  She feels alone, but there is a man, a loving FATHER reaching out and offering her a pathway to Hope.



 Over 2,000,000 young people of all genders, races, ethnicity, cultural traditions and religions become ensnared in the web of self harming yearly in the US alone. But self harming is a world wide epidemic, primarily among young people from adolescence to mid-20s. 

 Our goal is to make a film that that will, after its festival run, be useful to mental health organizations, churches, support groups, etc. who can use this film as a tool in counseling clients who are struggling to be free of self-harming. 


Even in 2019, movie making  on a professional level takes significant financial resources.  We need the help of partners like YOU to help us produce and complete The Dark Places project.  I know project has the potential to not only shed light on this serious problem but to offer a pathway to HOPE through FAITH.

YOUR help is VITAL. 

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